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Testimonials of Dr. Khoury at Cecil Chiropractic


Brian K.


Donna K.


Chronic Neck Issues Patient

Torn Meniscus Patient

Brian Scott

Brian Scott testimonial

Stephen Seey

I came to Cecil Chiropractic through a referral from a friend. I had suffered a fall six years ago while doing physical labor, and since then I have been experiencing lower back pain and had difficulty bending, stretching, and sitting for long periods of time. It was a struggle to get through a full day of work.

Because of chiropractic I have noticed flexibility, reduced lower back pain, and can work longer hours.

Maintaining my appointments has reduced the pain in my back by 90%. Dr. Khoury made a commitment to me as I did to him, thus making his job easier and the results of my back pain dramatically better!

Dr. Khoury's techniques, along with his wonderful staff made my experience at Cecil Chiropractic a very successful and enjoyable one.

Lori Berry

My condition began ten months ago when I was involved in a terrible car accident. Soon after, I experienced neck and upper back stiffness, then severe back pain and migraine headaches. I had trouble sitting, standing, and concentrating. I was taking so many drugs prescribed by my PCP and my Neurologist like Darvocet, Percocet, Ultram, Fioracet, Fioracet with Codeine, Fioranal, Fioranal with Codeine, Plendil, Demonral, Vistoral, Immetreix, Depocote, and Neolrotriptaine, I was lethargic. Worst of all, I was still in pain. I also had been to the emergency room 15 times due to severe migraines.

I met Dr. Khoury and his staff at the Cecil Fall Festival this past September. I scheduled my first appointment right there. Since Dr. Khoury's treatments, I am now off ALL medications and I'm feeling quite well! I still have some back pain but NOTHING like it was. I understand that total recovery with Dr. Khoury's help will take time due to the severity of the accident.

I suggest chiropractic care to anyone that will listen to me. This is the absolute best decision that I have ever made in my life and Dr. Khoury is the best chiropractor that I have ever been too!

Alice Trefnoff

My son Randy referred me to Cecil Chiropractic in February of 2003. I've suffered lower back pain for many years and severe headaches for the last four years.

I clean for a living and that involves heavy lifting and moving. I also couldn't do any of the things I enjoy or keep up with my lawn or house work. I was very limited in what I could do.

I've seen an Ostopath, had back surgery in 1980, and was given Vicodan for muscle relaxers and all types of pain pills over the years, but nothing really seemed to help for long.

Because Randy has regained use of his shoulder and my granddaughter Chelsey has regained the use of her right arm and hand, I became a believer in chiropractic!

Since coming to Cecil Chiropractic I've had such relief from my headaches and pain that I've been telling everyone I can about Dr. Khoury and his staff. They are always cheerful and willing to help at all times. This is the best treatment I've ever had and I'm enjoying life wihtout a headache every day!

I volunteer at Canonsburg Hospital so I come in contact with a lot of people and I love to refer my friends and family to Cecil Chiropractic because I want everyone to be pain free! Thank you Dr. Khoury!