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Pre-Natal and Pediatric Chiropractic Care

The Webster Technique: Safe Pain Relief, Natural Childbirth

Dr. Khoury has specialized in a form of chiropractic adjustment called "The Webster Technique," which is focused on the pelvic bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles of childbearing women. During pregnancy, all of these tissues are subjected to high forces -- and forces from new angles and directions, for which the tissues have not had a lifetime to prepare. The body's reaction can run the gamut from hip and back pain to serious pregnancy complications that require emergency interventions.

By receiving regular chiropractic care, an expectant mother can ensure the best for her baby and herself. Webster Technique adjustments will ensure that the baby lies in the best position for birth, allowing a delivery with the least possible trauma. Dr. Khoury is dedicated to caring for families, making greater comfort for the mother and greater safety for the baby.

Pediatric Patients:

Studies by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association have found that children receiving chiropractic care benefit from:

  • improved sleep
  • improved behavior and attitude
  • improved immune function and fewer infections

Dr. Khoury adjusting our newest patient!

The need for chiropractic care begins at birth, as the newborn's spine is subjected to high forces during delivery that can cause subluxations and nerve impingements. New parents will often find that common infancy conditions such as colic, breathing problems, sleep disturbances, and chronic infections show great improvement under chiropractic care.

As your children continue to grow, minor injuries can cause spinal misalignments which, if left untreated during this period of rapid growth, can lead to serious complications. Many parents bring their children to chiropractic to treat an injury, and are surprised to find that other conditions also resolve: allergic reactions, ear infections, sleeping problems, and even behavioral issues such as ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder.