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Fitness and Wellness Program

Dr. Khoury wants to help you build a new body!

Lose fat: being lean is essential to looking and feeling amazing. Dr. Khoury can get you there with customized nutrition and meal plans

Gain energy: too tired to get things done? With Dr. Khoury's guidance you can kill that excuse for good with full nutrition, safe exercise, and rejuvenating massage and adjustment.

Master your body: don't let pain, injury, or poor conditioning hold you back. Dr. Khoury's expertise and experience can keep you injury-free as you strengthen your body's weak points, and make you bulletproof as you achieve maximum results.

Let Dr. Khoury help you unlock your full potential

  1. Consult and Plan: Dr. Khoury will meet with you, learning about your goals and your unique situation.
  2. Launch Your Program: You are given a clear plan of action -- in the kitchen, at the gym or with home exercises -- and you get to work, on your own and with however many in-office sessions you require.
  3. Optimize Your Progress: You meet with Dr. Khoury once a month to discuss your experience and make sure you're seeing improvement. Expert assessment and sophisticated scanning technology will keep you headed in the right direction.
  4. Achieve Your Goals: You achieve amazing results and join hundreds of Cecil Chiropractic success stories!

Do you fix your own car when it starts breaking down? Do you start studying chiropractic when your back hurts? No, you see a professional -- someone who has poured thousands of hours into becoming an expert. Someone who can diagnose the problem and give you a clear solution, so you can focus on what's important.

A single monthly payment includes:

  • One monthly session -- nutritional counseling, 30 minutes of personal training and rehabilitation, 30 minutes of massage therapy, and a chiropractic adjustment
  • Additional sessions discounted: a low members-only rate for additional training, massage, or evaluation

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