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Weight Loss or Muscle Gain Programs -- All-Natural and Effective

The Natural Health Advantage

The tools Dr. Khoury will use to help you manage your weight are very different from commercial diets or medical weight loss plans. First, Dr. Khoury will precisely measure your metabolism and body composition to gain true measures of your progress. Second, Dr. Khoury can prescribe a diet customized to your individual tastes, nutritional needs, and body-improving goals -- no two programs from Cecil Chiropractic are the same. Finally, Dr. Khoury can prescribe supplements of the highest quality to maximize your results, without making you dependent on appetite suppressing drugs that have nasty side-effects.

  • Custom Meal Plans and Grocery Lists
  • Based on Your Unique Metabolism
  • One-on-One Support from the Doctor
  • Accurate and Scientific Tracking of Your Progress
  • Changes You Can Maintain For Life

Who Can Our Nutritional Programs Benefit?

Our programs are designed to help any individual with his or her specific goals -- losing 100 pounds or the last stubborn 10, improving athletic performance, or simply maintaining a healthy body. Everyone is different when it comes to nutrition, but Dr. Khoury’s knowledge can be applied to treat anyone.

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