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Muscle Gain Programs at Cecil Chiropractic

  • Safe, Natural, and Drug-Free
  • Gain Lean Muscle WITHOUT Excess Fat
  • Custom Meal Plans and Grocery Lists
  • Based On Your Unique Metabolism

Muscle anabolism and top athletic performance require careful calibration of your body’s macronutrient and micronutrient profile. Dr. Khoury offers a nutritional approach in keeping with the chiropractic vision of natural health and wellness, that is effective because it is customized to your unique metabolism, nutritional needs, and body composition goals.

Accurate Body Composition with the InBody520

inbody520 This rapid, non-invasive scanning device can determine not just your weight, but how much of your body is muscle, water weight, or fat. It can even judge muscle imbalances -- whether a weaker right leg or left arm will leave you prone to a training injury down the road.

Dr. Khoury will use this device to gain the best possible understanding of your body’s condition, to design a program with the highest level of safety and customization, and again throughout the program to be certain that you’re achieving the body you desire.

Custom Supplements through Science Based Nutrition

SBNLogo We contract with Science Based Nutrition to give you the most comprehensive analysis available of your unique body chemistry. Dr. Khoury will use this service to discover your precise levels of every known vitamin and mineral, and pinpoint which supplements you should take and which foods you should avoid to feel your best.

Personalized Meal Plans with the DietMaster Pro

dietmaster The DietMaster Pro software can produce dietician-approved meal plans and grocery lists within minutes, create meal plans from scratch, as well as track weight control goals and produce nutritional assessments. It works with a vast database of foods and nutritional information, allowing Dr. Khoury to customize your nutritional plan to the tastes you enjoy, while still ensuring you get the nutrition you need.

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